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Peel Common Junior School

RE (Religious Education)

Please read on for what RE looks like at Peel Common Junior School!


"Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is." Mahatma Ghandi 


Our RE (Religious Education) curriculum is designed to engage, enthuse and to challenge the thinking of our learners. We believe that RE is an essential area of study that will help prepare our learners for life in a world with multiple cultures, religions and viewpoints. We support children to make their own informed decisions and opinions and facilitate learning that gives them the confidence to express their views. We believe that the subject is an essential part of creating well rounded individuals and that all children can take part, whatever their own family background, personal beliefs and practices.

We aim to develop children’s understanding of the faiths and beliefs of others. We aim to develop pupil’s awareness of diversity as well as nurturing their sensitivity to the challenges that people with different cultures and views to their own can experience.

We want our children to develop the strength and confidence to question misunderstandings, stereotyping and division. We want to create an environment where children feel that they can ask questions in a safe and open context.

We aim to provide real life experiences of varied cultures and faiths where possible through visitors, trips and links to other curriculum areas like art and music.

RE is taught in partnership with SMSC (Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural), developing children’s understanding and experiences of diversity. We aim to use RE to help in our approach to children’s understanding of British Values and to build their sense of community.


We aim to help our learners become considerate and respectful individuals who leave PCJ as people who are able to reflect on their own beliefs, investigate moral and ethical issues facing people from varied cultures and faiths, and that show respect for different faiths and for cultural diversity.


"A lot of the powerful religious leaders, from Jesus to Buddha to Tibetan monks, they're really talking about the same things: love and acceptance, and the value of friendship, and respecting yourself so you can respect others." Jena Malone - American actress, musician and photographer