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Peel Common Junior School


If your child is ill, please  notify the school office on 01329 281206 using our dedicated absence line or via the Studybugs app as early as possible on the morning of the absence and at the latest, before 9.00am.


You must inform us every day that your child will be absent.


Please let us know the type of illness that your child has that prevents them attending. Use the what0-18 website link below to check if a day off school is required. Staff in school are trained to give medication as needed. 


The school day begins at 8.45am and all pupils are expected to be in school and ready to start learning at this time.  Morning registration is completed as close to 8.45 am as possible and arrival after this time will result in an late mark.


Where possible, doctors and dentists appointments are to be made outside of school hours or during school holidays. You may be asked for proof of appointment.


Regular attendance at school has a huge effect on progress and attainment. Children who have an extended holiday away from school or repeatedly have odd days off school miss important parts of teaching and can struggle to make this up. Leave of absence will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.


Please be aware that any exceptional reason for leave of absence must be given in writing using the leave of absence form below or obtained from the school office.


As set down by the Department for Education, penalty notices can be issued for late or unauthorised absence. In Hampshire, Penalty Notices are issued when a pupil has had 10 or more half day sessions (equivalent to five school days) of unauthorised absence, in any 10 week school period; or one or more unauthorised absences during an assessment or test (where the dates have been published).


Schools are required by law to code the school attendance registers correctly.  School registers are legal documents and must be completely accurate. It is a parents legal responsibility to ensure that their child is in school.

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