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Peel Common Junior School

Meet the Staff


Head Teacher/SENCo

Mrs. Zoë Dudley

Mrs. R Livings

Senior Leadership TeamMrs. Z Dudley and Mrs. R Ryan
Teaching Staff

Year 3 and 4

Class Teachers

HMS Discovery - Mrs. A Baker

HMS Endeavour - Mrs. K Gates and Mrs. A Sanford

Year 5 and 6

Class Teachers

HMS Enterprise - Mrs. R Ryan

HMS Adventure - Mrs. G Hamer

HMS Challenger - Mrs. A Jelf and Mrs. A Nicholson (maternity leave)

Home School Link Worker & ELSAMrs. Ruth Proost
Designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy DSLs Mrs. Z Dudley, Mrs. R Proost and Mrs. R. Livings
Learning Support Assistants/Inclusion Support Team

Miss. K Cozens, Mrs. J Darke, Mrs. L Lees, Mrs. C Pellatt, Mrs. Z Smith, Mrs. S Street, Mrs. D Taylor, Miss K Truscott and Mr. P Westcombe

Office Staff
Finance Officer (Tues-Thurs)Mrs. M Hammond
Administration TeamMrs. T Barker and Mrs. B Varlow
Site Team
CaretakerMr. S Edney
Cleaning TeamMrs. A Taylor and Mrs. T Owen
Midday Supervisory Assistants
SupervisorsMiss. K Cozens, Mrs. M Postin, Mrs. C Pellatt, Miss. L Pellatt, Miss. J Street, and Mrs. S Street