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Please read on for what Art looks like at Peel Common junior School!


“Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse, French Visual Artist



Our Art curriculum here at Peel Common Junior school aims to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity and support to produce creative, imaginative works. Children have the opportunity to explore their own ideas and record their experiences, as well as exploring the work of others and evaluating different creative ideas. Children will become confident and proficient in a variety of techniques including drawing, painting, sculpting, as well as other selected craft skills, e.g. collage, printing, weaving and patterns. Children will develop their knowledge of famous artists, designers and craft makers. They will develop their interest and curiosity about art, design and creative practice through lessons offering skills progression, knowledge progression and offering pupils the opportunity to ask questions and demonstrate their skills in a variety of ways. Lessons will be sequenced to ensure children can build on previous learning and make progress.  The lessons will offer the chance for children to develop their emotional expression through art to further enhance their personal, social and emotional development. Art and design will be integrated across the curriculum encouraging the pupils to be expressive and solve problems creatively. 



“I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say

any other way — things I had no words for.”  

Georgia O’Keefe, 20th Century Modern Artist


Examples of our pupils' artwork