Values & Ethos

 Our Vision & Values

 At Peel Common Junior School


Our culture and ethos is positively built around the notion of pride both in ourselves and within and for our school community, characterised by our PRIDE initiative.  

  • P – Perseverance

  • R –Respect 

  • I – Independence

  • D – Discovery

  • E – Excellence


The ability to keep going, especially when learning becomes difficult or complex, is an attitude we positively encourage in all of us; both children and staff alike. The phrase, 'Never give up' is used as a metaphor for that hard-working, never beaten, 'you can only fail if you give up' sort of individual that we are trying to create here at Peel Common Juniors. If they develop this mindset when they are with us , it will stand them in good stead not just in their next stage of education but also for life itself.



We teach our children to have respect for themselves, for each other and for the school itself and all it represents. We are a community rooted in mutual respect. Staff continuously and explicitly model respect in all it's forms and direct this towards all pupils. Children are taught to be respectful of each other, through listening, courteous response and kindness.  We help children understand that they cannot be friends with everyone but emphasise all are deserving of respect.  

Children across the school are chosen, nominated and elected to take on responsibility in a variety of guises, whether it is as a Year 6 Prefect or a Litter Critter or a Friendship Leader or School Councillor, House Captain or Sports/Activity Leader. In their role they are charged with leading school and each other in demonstrating high levels of respect and are a positive role-model for all to follow.



The ability to make decisions about your own learning and conduct in school life is a vitally important attitude and mindset that we encourage each and every day. Pupils are encouraged to make decisions about their own learning and teachers actively plan for opportunities to enable this to happen and then help facillitate appropriate, independent choices. The use of the 5Bs promotes active learning behaviours in pupils whilst they learn; Brain, Book, Buddy, Board and Boss help children find ways of 'unsticking themselves'. The metaphor of the Learning Pit is highlighted in every classroom and demonstrates the mindset needed and the importance of independently struggling and then overcoming in your learning to be truly successful. 



We encourage curious minds here at Peel Common Juniors. We constantly ask pupils to question themselves and their learning in a positive but critical way. We also encourage our children to marvel in the awe and wonder of our majestic world and the universe beyond. To question and to critique leads to deeper and richer learning. A good question is often better than a good answer. The desire to discover is something that we foster with enthusiasm. 



We have high expectations of all our children in all ways, whether it is in their learning or their conduct we expect everyone to do their best. We celebrate outcomes but we also celebrate and value the process that has led to that success. The hard and long road that leads to meaningful learning is sought for and celebrated both in our PRIDE and our SHARING assemblies. 


British Values

The Government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy, these strategies have been reiterated by the Prime Minister in 2016.

The Department of Education says that there is a need to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation in all schools to promote the fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of individual liberty and mutual respect and the tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.  We promote these values at Peel Common Junior School through.



Our children take part in elections to become School Councillors, PRIDE nominees and Prefects.  Our children are encouraged to put forward their opinions safe in the knowledge that they will be listened to and respected by both their peers and adults.  They understand that they may not accept all decisions but understand that this has been decided by the majority for the good of everyone.


The Rule of Law

All children work together to create class rules or charters. Our children understand that the rules are needed for the harmonious working of the classroom. They also understand that we need rules that allow the school to work well such as walking in the corridors, playing in the playground and attending whole school assemblies.

The children understand that there are consequences for all our behaviours and all know how our behaviour policy works and the consequences and rewards that may result. The children also understand that they can improve their behaviour or turn their behaviour around by being reflective of what has worked well and what choices led to both successful behaviour and outcomes and in some cases, not-so successful instances. In doing, they learn to become responsible and productive members of our community.


Individual Liberty

Our school provides a safe supportive environment for children to express their individuality and make safe and supported choices.  This is promoted through our e-safety programmes and P.S.H.E lessons.


Mutual Respect

Our PRIDE Initiative and Behaviour Policy expects that all members of our community show respect to each other regardless of the differences we might have.  This is taught through our P.S.H.E curriculum, and in our daily work with children.


Tolerance of Different Faiths

Our children learn about different faiths through their Religious Education studies and P.S.H.E.  Our curriculum work on different countries and current affairs gives children understanding of their place in a culturally diverse society.