PE & Sports Premium grant expenditure

Report to Parents: 2016-2017

Since 2013 additional funding has been provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, to improve the provision of physical education (PE) and Sport in primary schools.

Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding to improve and enhance the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision. This in turn contributes to the national longer term aim of increased participation in PE and sport, thus encouraging pupils to develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of. 

PE at Peel Common Junior School

We value the importance of physical education in keeping children fit, active and healthy.  It gives them opportunities to work individually and collaboratively, developing key skills of team work, perseverance and goal setting.

All children participate in twice weekly sessions which equip them with a firm foundation in the core movement skills and the opportunity to apply them in both recreational and competitive environments.  Through this, they experience a variety of sports including invasion games, net/court/wall based games, striking or fielding games and athletics as well as developing skills in gymnastics and dance.  Swimming and water safety is taught for a block of 6 weeks. In order for this to have the biggest impact, this is currently provided to year 3.

In addition to these skills, children learn to enjoy physical activity, coping with losing as well as winning with grace.  Children are taught to embrace healthy living both inside and outside of school preparing them for long, healthy and happy lives to come.

We offer both intra and inter school competitive opportunities through our own cross country championship, athletics awards and sports day as well as our participation in local football and netball leagues and sporting festivals.

How are we spending our sport funding at Peel Common Junior School?

For the 2016-17 academic year the additional sports premium funding is £9035 

How are we spending our additional funding?

·        With other local schools we have appointed a PE specialist to work in our school ½ day a week for the year. She is working alongside our class teachers to develop their practice, planning and assessment in PE, deepening their understanding of high quality PE provision.  We believe that this approach will continue to build capacity within our own staff to raise the attainment for all pupils in PE.

·       In addition to this direct work with teachers, she will develop the sports leadership capacity of our year 6 pupils by offering an accredited programme enabling them to develop skills of leadership, collaboration and teamwork.


·        We are committed to enhance our sports provision through specific teaching by highly skilled coaches.  As well as enhancing provision this also provides high quality CPD for teachers, once again building our own capacity for sustained improvement.


·        This year, we would like to extend the variety of extra-curricular after school sporting opportunities we offer.  We have carried out some research with children to identify the most popular sports they would like offered and will be securing high quality coaches to deliver programmes throughout the year.


·       As part of our wider commitment to promote healthy lifestyles we are offering a ‘fit 4 life’ club once a week. In order to provide this opportunity to improve not only the individual health of children, but their attitude towards sport and fitness activities, we have doubled the capacity of the club by using the Sports premium grant to employ an additional adult.


Measuring the impact the additional Sports premium spending

We carried out an audit of our current provision at the beginning of the 2013-14 academic year.  This will continue be used as a benchmark to measure impact and progress as well as the means to guide us in our further development.

Through our work with the PE specialist we have employed, all teachers have had the opportunity to work in partnership reviewing their own practice.  Each unit of work ended with a formal lesson observation, again enabling us to measure impact. As a result of these coached units of works our teachers have a more detailed understanding of the skills progression involved in a variety of different sports as well as an enhanced ability to plan effective PE modules.

Over the next year the plan is to develop this model further, particularly in regard to building up the skills of our own PE manager in observing lessons and coaching others. This will be achieved through CPD with the PE specialist who currently completed the unit reviews.

As many of the goals our school intends to achieve, such as increased self-esteem and sportsmanship, are hard to measure using quantative data collection, we will continue to use pupil conferencing to assess such things as being a team-player and changes in attitude towards sport.

As a direct result of the popularity of our “fit 4 life” scheme we doubled the capacity of the club. We will continue to assess the attendance at the “fit 4 life” scheme and other extra-curricular activities by issuing a survey across the year in order to measure its impact on the lives of our students.

Sports Premium 2015-2016