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Curriuculum Vision Statement   

‘Igniting a Passion for Learning’ in an environment ‘where every child matters’.

 Our vision and values support Articles 2, 12, 15, 19, 24, 27, 28, 29, 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child. 


·         Articles 2/12: We respect the right to be listened to and to listen to others.


·         Articles 19/24: We respect the right to feel safe at school and help others feel safe.


·         Article 28: We respect the right to learn and let others enjoy their learning. 


·         Articles 15/31: We respect the right to join in and be part of a team.


·         Article 29: We respect the right to develop our potential and to do it with a growth mindset.   


·         Article 27: We respect the right to look after our own and others property.


Our Values  


P = Perseverance 

R = Respect 

I = Independence 

D = Discovery 

E = Excellence



This document is a statement of the aims, principles and strategies used for the development of the curriculum undertaken within Peel Common Junior School. The policy aims to take into account diversity and provides equality of opportunity.  We offer breadth, allowing opportunities to do the same things in a range of different ways. Providing children with a wide range of different experiences. We offer depth of the curriculum, allowing children to learn well and use what they have learnt in a range of contexts. 



The curriculum is all the planned activities, which we organise in order to promote learning and personal growth and development. It includes not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also takes account of the local context and the vision and values that the school community holds, reflective in the learning opportunities that we want our children to experience. It develops the independence, resilience and responsibility of all of our pupils. We ensure that all children have a broad, balanced and relevant education, which provides continuity and progression and takes individual differences into account. The curriculum will develop in order to take account of an ever-changing world. We aim to teach our pupils how to grow into positive, responsible people, who can work and co-operate with others while developing knowledge and skills, so that they achieve their full potential. 



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